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1)       I have completed my doctoral study on topic “Role of NABARD in Microfinance: A Study of Weaker Section of Gujarat” (With special reference to Anand District 2002-07)from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.


2)      I have completed a Minor Research Project titled “Impact of NABARDS’s Social Banking in Gujarat: an Assessment of Microfinance in Gujarat” Funded by University Grants Commission, and final report is submitted to UGC-WRO(Pune). Click here to view Executive Summary.


3)      At preset four students perusing Ph.D. at Sardar Patel University Under my Guidance, the list is as follows.


1)      Mr. Malay Patel pursuing Ph.D. on Topic “Factors &Environmental Necessity For Reverse Innovation With Special Reference To Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Berger Paints &Akzo-Nobel”

2)      Mr. Nikunj Patel Pursuing Ph.D. on Topic “ A Comparative Study On Profitability Analysis And Performance Of Selected Private, Public And Foreign Sector Banks In India”

3)      Mr. AshishBhuva Pursuing Ph.D. on Topic “Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Selected Companies in India”

4)      Mr. Ramesh Chauhan Pursuing Ph.D. on Topic “An Analytical Study on Financial Performance of Selected Road Infrastructure Companies in India: With Reference to Public Private Partnership Model.”


(II)Publication of Books:


1)      Fundamentals of Accounting (ISBN-978-83-926654-5-0)

Horizon Press, New Delhi

2)      Agri-Business Management (ISBN-978-81-8376-370-7)

      ABD Publishers, Jaipur

3)      Role of NABARD in Microfinance (ISBN-978-93-81386-14-9)

Sardar Patel University Press, V.V. Nagar


(III)Publication of Papers/Articles:


a)   In International Journals


1) ISBN: 978-984-33-1691-2, ICKG-2010: Empowerment through Knowledge Sharing and Progress through Knowledge Transfer.

Paper: “Financing to the poor: An evaluation of some leading Microfinance Institutions of India”


2) ISSN: 2277-1018: Radix International Journal of Economics & Business Management, Volume-I, Issue-5 (May 2012)

Paper: “An Empirical Study on Usage of Mobile Banking: With Special Reference to Rural India”


3) ISSN: 2250-3161: Asian Journal Of Human Development & Livelihood,

Volume-II, Issue-II (April-June, 2012)

Paper: “Microfinance for Women Empowerment: An Instrument for Human Development Initiatives”


4) ISSN: 2249-7307: Asian Journal of Business, Economics & Management,

Volume-II, Issue-VII (July 2012)

Paper: “New Dimension of Human Resource Management In Hyperactive Business Environment”


5) ISSN: 2277-484X: International Journal of Marketing & Business, Volume 1 Issue 2 July 2012
Paper: Level of Customer Satisfaction while using Internet Banking: A Study of Anand City


6)  ISSN: 2249-7137:  ACADEMICIA Vol.2, Issue-10, (October, 2012)

Paper: Customer Insights In Insurance: A New Way To Grow


7) ISSN: 2277-9310: International Research Journal of Commerce, Business and Social Science, Vol.1, Issue 8 (1), (November, 2012)

Paper: Agriculture Innovations: Key to Food security in India


8) ISSN: 2249-7463: International Journal of Business, Management & Social Sciences, Vol. II, Issue 7(IV), (March, 2013)

Paper: Rural Entrepreneurship: Constraints in Indian Context


9) ISSN: 2249-7463: International Journal of Business, Management & Social Science,

Vol. III, Issue 5(I), January 2014

Paper: Gap between Management Perception & Customer Perception: With Reference to the Services offered in Retail Banking by Selected Private Sector banks in Gujarat


10) ISSN: 2249-7463: International Journal of Business, Management & Social Science,

Vol. IV, Issue 4(II), December 2014

Paper: A Study on Challenges Faced by MFIs’ Employees in Gujarat





b)   In National Journals


1) ISBN: 978-81-87364-5: Rural Development In India

Paper: “Agricultural Credit in India: Current Trends”


2)ISSN: 0974-9772: KSV-JHSSM Journal of Humanities, Social Science & Management, Volume-I, Issue-II, July-December-2010

Paper: “Social Banking Through Microfinance: A Study of Role of Indian Banking System in Microfinance With Special Reference to NABARD”


3) ISSN: 974-9772: KSV-JHSSM Journal of Humanities, Social Science & Management, Volume-II, Issue-I, January-June-2011

Paper: “International Financial Reporting Standards: Indian Perspective”



4) ISSN: 2077-2510: DRIVE, Volume: 5, Issue: 1, January, 2012

Book Review: Knowledge to Policy: Making the Most of Development Research, Author: Fred Carden


5) ISSN: 975-4083: Research Journal of Arts, Management & Social Science, Volume-VI (March-2012)

Paper: “Rural Entrepreneurship in India”


6) ISSN: 2077-2510: DRIVE, June-July, 2012

Article: ODL & ICT in Higher Education in India in age of Globalization


7) ISSN: 0972-2343: Amity Business Review, Volume 13, January-June, 2012

Paper: Scope and Problems of Mobile Banking: A review of Indian Rural Banking


8) ISSN:0974-9772: KSV-JHSSM Journal of Humanities, Social Science & Management, Volume-V, Issue-I, January-June-2014

Paper: A Study on Risk Taking Propensity among Indian Entrepreneurs-Case Study of Gujarat



c)      In Edited Books


1) ISBN: 978-81-8411-238-2, International Financial Reporting Standards: Edited by: Shirish Kulkarni

Paper: “International Accounting Standards and Europe: Investment Perspective”


2) ISBN: 978-93-81142-33-2: Global Competitiveness in the 21st Century An Indo-Canadian

Paper: “India’s Trade Relationship with Canada”


3) ISBN: 978-93-5051-378-1: Changing Paradigm of Accounting and Finance in Global Perspective

Paper: “Principles of Good Corporate Governance”


4) ISSN: 978-93-5024-769-3: MANTHAN-Not Just Effective but Efficient: A new Blue Print for Management in 21st Century

Paper:“Disclosure of Corporate Governance-Building Investor protection: Case Studies of INFOSYS Technologies ltd. & RELIANCE Industries Ltd”


5) ISBN: 978-93-5030-096-1: Current Issues in Corporate Governance, Edited by P.K. Rathod&SandipK.Bhatt

Paper: Corporate Governance: Governance Challenges In Business Enterprises


6) ISBN: 978-93-5030-153-1: Corporate Disclosure and Investors Perception, Edited by P.K. Rathod&Sandip K. Bhatt

Paper: Investor Protection through Corporate Governance: A Case Study of ELECON Engineering Company Limited


7) ISBN: 978-93-5030-152-4: Single Accounting for The World Economy, Edited by P.K. Rathod&Sandip K. Bhatt

Paper: IFRS: Indian Perspective


8) ISBN: 978-81-923515-3-7: Economic Policy and Socio-Economic Change

Paper: Foreign Direct Investment in Multi Brand Retailing in India


9) ISBN: 978-81-928735-0-3: Global Economic Outlook on Recession and Recovery

Paper: Opportunities for India in Global Financial Crisis


10) ISBN 978-93-81286-27-2: Quality Footprints: Sustainable Development of Higher Education Institutions

Paper: Role of Unlearning and Acceptance of the Change in Nurturing Innovative Thinking at Educational Institute


1)      ISBN 978-93-81286-27-2: Quality Footprints: Sustainable Development of Higher Education Institutions

Paper: Role of Innovative Methods of Teaching on the Effectiveness of Education



d)      Conference/ Seminars:


53 research papers presented at various Seminars/ Conferences.


e)   Achievements


(1)   I have received Certificate of Exemplary Performance, for Teaching, Research & Student’s Activity from Charutar Vidya Mandal.

(2)   I have been awarded by Akhil Hind Shreemali Soni Samaj, for contribution in field of education.

(3)   Received Letter of appreciation from All India Commerce Association for designing trophy & certificate for MMSMRA Award.

(4)   Served as a Jury Member at AVISHKAR- 2014, Stale Level Research Convention, Organized by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.





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